Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Phil Sims Schedule UPDATE

Hey everyone,
It's mid week (let's just call it that) and as the day draws on, thoughts of the weekend begin to filter in to our collective psyche. Well, at least I think they should! Since my last mailing, there have been a few alterations to our jazz schedule. Things at the Elmwood (Milkie's on Elmwood) are going mighty nicely, and that is in very large part to the fact that so many of you have dropped in to take part. Thank you for taking the time to join us! Mike is in the midst of remodeling at the old place, and later this month he will be hosting his ten days of grand opening celebration. He'll have lots of great music and events there, not the least of which is us!
The New Phil Sims Jazz Quartet will be filling in all the Sundays, this month leading up to the big shebang. There is discussion for the future as to developing a Sunday music policy that will potentially involve guest artists, as well as the NPSQ. So fun things are poppin' at Milkie's. Here's a posting of new and old:

Tonight Buffalo Brass BIg Band at Iris (Maple and Sweethome) 7:30PM

Friday 1/11 The New Phil Sims Quartet at the historic Roycroft Inn (S. Grove St., East Aurora) 8:00PM
Phil Sims, trombone and euphonium, Warren Stirtzinger, guitar, Paul Zapalowski, bass, Tom Kasperek, drums

Saturday 1/12 Phil Sims and Dennis Tribuzzi with the Dive House Union Band East Aurora Theater (Main St.) 8:30PM

Sunday 1/13 The New Phil Sims Quartet at Milkie's on Elmwood, including open jazz jam

Saturday 1/19 The New Phil Sims Quartet at Lebros (Dodge and Campbell, Getzville) 8:00PM

Sunday 1/20 The New Phil Sims Quartet at Milkie's, including open jazz jam, kicking off Grand Opening Celebration

Wednesday 1/23 Buffalo Brass BIg Band at Iris (Maple and Sweethome) 7:30PM

Sunday 1/27 The Joanna Batt Quartet at Milkie's 5:30PM. 
Joanna Batt, vocals, Phil Sims, piano and trombone, Jack Kulp, bass, Tom Kasperek, drums

Sunday 2/3 The New Phil Sims Quartet at Milkie's (Superbowl Sunday?)

Tuesday, 2/5 Three Brothers and Distant Cousin at Iris 7:30PM
Andy Weinzler, Russ D'Alba, Kelly Bucheger, tenor saxes, Phil Sims, trombone, George Caldwell, piano, Paul Zapalowski, bass, Dan Hull, drums

In future weeks, the Big Band, the Quartet, vocalists Joanna Batt, Heather Holden, and Katy MIner will all be holding court at various locations about town. As we get closer, I'll keep you posted. There are new opportunities in the making, as well. I'm looking forward to including these in future JH editions. Stay well, we all look forward to seeing you, soon.

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