Monday, October 31, 2011

Danny Hull Newsletter: Musically This Week Vol XIV, No 8

Hullo friends.  Another new voice...
Tuesday, 11/1 at the Iris Restaurant     7:30 - 10:30
Karl Stabnau, bari sax     George Caldwell, piano     Danny Ziemann bass     your host, drum set
Sometimes it mystifies even me.  Thirteen years on, and we're still meeting new talent.  Karl Stabnau is yet another product of the rich jazz education offered at the renown Eastman School.  And bassist Danny Ziemann the same...  I haven't met Karl, so the lion's share of this week's conversation will be of the musical variety - long of the jazz tradition.  I do know that if you want to catch him, you should do so now.  Karl has won the bari chair in one of our esteemed United States Military jazz ensembles, so his local performances are short lived.  Please stop in.  Help us keep our tradition alive.  Hear talent new to you & me, and offer Karl your support as he prepares to accept a new challenge in service to our country.  As always, you'll find us in the comfortable environs of the Iris Restaurant.  Still in the Maple-Ridge Plaza at the intersection of Maple & Sweet Home Roads - good music, good food, good people, chilled spirits, and a great hang.
Friday, 11/4 at Wegman's Amherst Street      6:00 - 8:00
Dave Scott, guitar     Buddy Fadale, bass     yours truly, drum set
Back to the Wegman's circuit this Friday, this time city-side.
Saturday, 11/5 at the Iris Restaurant     8:00 p.m.
Mike Jones, piano     Danny Vitale, bass     your correspondent, drum set
This is huge, and we do hope you can join us.  Lackawanna native Mike Jones has earned a national reputation as one of the hardest swinging pianists on the scene.  He's on sabbatical from his gig with Penn & Teller at the Rio in Las Vegas, and he's chosen our venue to celebrate a homecoming.  Tickets are still available, but don't delay.  There's a local buzz about this performance, and Mike's family alone could sell the club out.  Pre-sale tickets offer a 20% discount.  Go to, click on venues, and type Mike Jones in the artist search box.  Iris Restaurant will come up.  Or to save a service charge, order your tickets by calling the club directly at 831-3271.  Our thanks to the perspicacious Bruce Eaton for making this very special one performance happen.
Tuesdays at the Iris Restaurant...
Tuesday, 11/15 Clay Jenkins & John Hasselback, Jr
Tuesday, 11/22 Chris Ziemba & Doug Stone
Tuesday, 11/29 Tom Bronzetti
Tuesday, 12/13 Phil DiRe


Musically, politically, socially, spiritually...
We shall not cease from exploration.
And the end of our exploring
Shall be to return to where we started
And know the place for the first time.
 - T.S. Eliot
and Peace.