Sunday, January 27, 2013

Phil Sims: Jazz Happenings

Hello everyone,
First off, what a day, yesterday! Our luncheon concert at the Hearthstone was awesome. The Buffalo Brass was in high gear! I'll look forward to more of those type events in the future, hopefully.
Last night I had the opportunity to work with the Katy Miner quartet for a private function at Bacchus. Katy is truly a tremendous vocalist. Teamed up with Jack Kulp on bass and Tom Kasperek on drums. It was a real treat. Katy will be on the public gig circuit again, very soon. I'll keep you posted on all comings and goings, of course.
Now, on to today's reminder...

Joanna Batt Quartet at Milkie's on Elmwood (Elmwood and Utica) 5:30 to 8:30PM
Joanna Batt, vocals, Phil Sims, piano and trombone, Jack Kulp, bass, and Tom Kasperek, drums
This is the start of our Sunday policy at Milkie's of bringing in new artists at the end of each month. Joanna is a great vocalist and has a book of crafty arrangements of all manner of jazz standards. With her are (a show in his own right) the award winning Jack Kulp on bass, and the award worthy Tom Kasperek on drums. These guys are the real deal, a don't miss.

After the rush of this musical weekend, I get to start all over again, Monday...

Alfie Alissandra and Phil Sims at the Sportsman (Amherst and Grant) 6-8 PM
Alfie sings, plays bass and changes, all from one perch! I'll join him on t-bone.

What Would MIngus Do at the Hardware Cafe (Allen and Wadsworth) 8:30 to ?
Kelly Bucheger's edgy, crafty, stealthy, yet wholesome aggregate digging in on Kelly's jazz writings, etchings, and cave paintings. It's very organic, which in this case does not mean twice as expensive! Come check it out.
Kelly B, saxophones, myself, brass, Michael McNeill, piano, Cameron Kane, bass, and Darryl Washington, drums

That's the jazz over the next 48 hours in my life. I hope you can get yourself free to join one two or three. Always great to see you. Enjoy.

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