Monday, September 2, 2013

Danny Hull Newsletter: Milkie's no more

Hello friends.  Rather than wax enthused about our Fall line-up, I am constrained to offer this disquieting update.  The Tuesday night guest artist series at Milkie's has ended.  My thanks to those of you who have endeavored to keep our little scene alive, musicians and audience alike, but it's time to go in a new direction.  It has been a distinct honor to present this music to those who care about it, and to accompany the legions of world-class musicians who have done our gig.  I am grateful.  I'll let you know should I find another venue.  Until then, please continue to support the musicians who give so much of their soul at every turn of phrase.  With any luck, I'll be in touch...

What are the odds I'll find another venue?
Almost all Nevadans regard the (Yucca Mountain) repository as a threat to Las Vegas, a gamblers' destination that lives off tourists who are demonstrably irrational about probabilities.
 - George Will