Monday, October 21, 2013

Phil Sims: Jazz Happenings

[10/23/2013 Update: Hello, everyone,
Well, life (and a scheduling snafu) has intervened and I find myself having to reschedule the Buffalo Brass rehearsal for this week. We will not be at Milkie's Wednesday evening, but I will reschedule the group at Milkie's within the next few weeks. I'll keep everyone posted. So sorry for the late change, we look forward to seeing you soon! ... Phil Sims]

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a great weekend. It was a wonderful mixed bag for Cindy and I. We had a great time Friday night at the Roycroft with the quartet. Saturday was off to Rome (wait for it... New York) for my grandson's 3rd birthday, andSunday, although we were dark at Milkie's, the quartet came together to start work on new material and some exciting projects. I hope to have some real interesting developments to report in the coming months.

Not for nothin', but kids's cartoons are just not what they used to be (grouchy old guy alert). I think they're missing out. I mean, what happened to classics like "Duck Season, Wabbit Season", Popeye quipping out of the corner of his mouth "I don't like your altitude", while boxing with Bluto on the wing of a plane, Bugs and Elmer doing Wagner opera, and Bullwinkle explaining to us (in Bullwinkle's Corner) how to stop a bully on the beach by opening with, "First, find a bully".

Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, Oomi Goomi, or whatever? Yikes! However, it's probably for the best, you know, gentler times. I still remember the day our mom banned us from watching the Three Stooges because my brother poked me in the eye with a stick! There's definitely a pound of dirt missing somewhere from my early days!

So we forge on to the present. Here's what's happening this week in my little jazz world. We'd love to see you.

Wednesday, October 23rd the Buffalo Brass Big Band rehearses at Milkie's on Elmwood (at Utica) 7:30PM

Just off our September bash, we get back to work on some new material, and yes, we'll go over some of the old tried and true.

Thursday, October 24th the Carol McLaughlin Big Band rehearses at the Historic Colored Musician's Club (Broadway and Michigan) 8:30PM

You'll notice an empty trumpet chair, stage left (your right) in the back row. Well, I guess someone has to get the drinks! Come enjoy one, yourself, while Carol puts us through our paces.

And folks, that's it for this week. Nothing on the weekend at all. However, Saturday night, Cindy and I have tickets to see Doc Severinson and his band at Kleinhans. No music this Sunday at Milkie's. we will be back soon, with our next guest artist. Stay tuned, and have a great week.

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