Sunday, June 16, 2013

Danny Hull: Musically This Week Vol XV, No 39

Hello friends.  This week...

Tuesday, 6/18 at Milkie's Elmwood     7:00 - 10:00
The Western New York Jazz Orchestra
Dave Kayne - piano, arranger, composer
Jim Bohm, Mark Filsinger, Joe Martino, Paul Wos - trumpets
Dave DeWitt, John Hasselback, Alan Jaenecke, Lon Gormley, Brian Poulan - trombones
Brian Tervo, Craig Incontro, Ken Kuriscak, Ken Witman, Chris Peracciny - saxes
Mike Moser - guitar
Cameron Kayne - bass
your host - drum set
The above, ladies & gentlemen, is a big band appearing this Tuesday at Milkie's Elmwood.  Need I say more?  OK, more...  The Western New York Jazz Orchestra is a living, playing  actualization of Dave Kayne's body of work.  Every composition, save one tune by trombonist Dave DeWitt, is from the fertile, musical mind of Dave Kayne.  You'll hear standards you know, all artistically arranged by Dave, and you'll hear music written and arranged only for this band.  If you want a table in the main room, you should plan to get there early.  This same band had an overflow crowd at the Iris in June of 2011, and that's a big room.  There's free parking in the bank lot on Elmwood.  And a dollar buys you a parking spot in a metered lot directly across the street from the club on West Utica.  We could not have planned a more exciting way to kick off the summer of 2013.  We hope to see you.  Milkie's on Elmwood is at the intersection of West Utica & Elmwood Avenue.  882-5881

Friday, 6/21 at Wegman's Dick Rd     6:00 - 8:00
The Magpies
George Kane, guitar     Tim Clarke, trumpet     John Werick, bass     your correspondent, drum set
Dinner with The Magpies...  OK, so it's not the Roycroft.  But you can't get dinner for six bucks at the Roycroft either.  If you are one to haunt the busy intersection of George Urban & Dick Rd come dinnertime Friday, you know where to find us.

next Tuesday, 6/25 at Milkie's Elmwood     7:00 - 10:00
Russ Carere, Sr - saxophone & flute     James Vincent Calabrese - piano     Buddy "don't call me John" Fadale - bass     your host - drum set

Upcoming at Milkie's Elmwood
Tuesday, 7/2 Vince Ercolomento
Tuesday, 7/9 The Upstate Express
Tuesday, 7/16 Larry Covelli
Tuesday, 7/23 Doug Stone
Tuesday, 7/30 Mike Costley
Tuesday, 8/13 Kenny Kuriscak & Tim Clarke
Tuesday, 8/27 trioPAYAZZO plus 2
Tuesday, 10/15 Patty Flaherty & Craig Kastelnik


Just like his heart, presuming he has one...
It's very easy to blame an inanimate object.
 - George Kollitides, CEO of Freedom Group - The "Freedom" Group owns the firearms maker that produces the assault weapon used at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Pathetic...

Respect for life,

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