Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Danny Hull Newsletter: Musically This Week, 5/12/2015

Hello friends.  How’s your dandelion crop?  Three gigs to invite you to this week…

Wednesday, 5/13 at Mezza 6:30
 - 9:30

Wayne Moose & Friends
Cindy Miller, vocals     Lisa Hasselback, piano     Wayne Moose, bass     your correspondent, drum set
Wayne’s gig’s got legs.  Great location, amazing food, a good vibe, and a rich talent pool of guest artists…  And this week, the hardest swinging, most diminutive singer on the scene…  In fact, Cindy’s heart, range, energy, and relentless sense of swing are all in direct opposition to her dress size.  Maybe that’s how it works.  Little girl - big talent…  And if you get there early enough, maybe you can grab one of those comfy chairs on either side of the band.  You’ll find parking on the street, in a small lot across the street, or in another lot just a door down.  Mezza is at 929 Elmwood, between Bidwell Parkway & West Delevan.

Friday, 5/15 at The Roycroft    
 7:30 - 10:30

Three Brothers & a Distant Cousin
Phil Sims - trombone & arrangements     Andy Weinzler, Russ D’Alba, Kelly Bucheger - tenor saxes     Michael T. Jones - piano     Paul Zapalowski - bass     DH - drum set
A bit of a departure for the Roycroft - no chamber group is this!  More hard swinging, take-no-prisoners solos, and tight ensemble playing from a thoroughly unique horn section.  Remember Van Miller?  “Fasten your seat belts!”

Saturday, 5/16 at Club 31

Wendell Rivera & the Latin Jazz Ensemble     10:00 - 1:00
Wendell Rivera, latin percussion     Calvin, trumpet     Randy Stirtzinger, piano     Mark Harris, bass     yours truly, drum set
And you may as well keep that seat belt fastened.  Once Wendell pours on the groove and the energy, no one sits still.

And upcoming for your correspondent…
Wednesday, 5/20 with Karrin Allyson & Houston Person at Williamsville East High School - 7:30
Friday, 5/22 with Dave Scott at Wegman’s Dick Rd - 6:00
Wednesday, 5/27 with Wayne Moose & Doug Stone at Mezza - 6:30
Friday, 5/29 with Ralph Fava at the Kenan Center for the 100 American Craftsmen - 6:00
Saturday, 5/30 with Dave Scott at Wegman’s Alberta Drive - 1:00
Thursday, 6/4 with Ron Corsaro at Pausa - 8:00
Friday, 6/5 with Dave Scott at Wegman’s West Seneca - 6:00
Saturday, 6/20 with Wendell Rivera at Club 31 - 10:00
Friday, 6/26 with George Kane & John Murphy at The Roycroft - 7:30
Sunday, 7/5 with Ron Corsaro & the Upstate Express at Artpark - 4:00
Sunday, 7/12 with Houston Person at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery - 2:00
Saturday, 7/18 with Wendell Rivera at Club 31 - 10:00
Sunday, 7/19 with Don Rice at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery - 2:00
Thursday, 7/23 with Barbara Jean at the Lakewood Beach Gazebo - 7:00
Friday, 7/24 with Dave Scott at Wegman’s Losson Rd - 6:00
Sunday, 7/26 with Mike Costley at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery - 2:00
Monday, 7/27 with the Western New York Jazz Orchestra at the Iris - 8:00
Thursday, 7/30 with the Dave Golando Big Band at Mayville Lakeside Park - 6:30
Sunday, 8/2 with Janice Mitchell at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery - 2:00
Sunday, 8/9 with Wendell Rivera at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery - 2:00
Wednesday, 8/12 with Barbara Jean at Celoron Park, Chautauqua Lake - 6:30
Thursday, 8/13 with Barbara Jean at Ellery Park, Jamestown - 6:30
Thursday, 8/20 with Barbara Jean at Mayville Lakeside Park - 6:30
Friday, 8/28 with Ron Corsaro & the Upstate Express at the Lewiston Jazz Festival Main Stage - 8:00
Saturday, 8/29 with the WNY Jazz Orchestra at the Lewiston Jazz Festival Main Stage - 12:00 noon
Saturday, 8/29 with Kenny’s Fault at the Lewiston Jazz Festival Frontier House - 4:00
Saturday, 8/29 with Janice Mitchell at the Lewiston Jazz Festival Frontier House - 6:00
Sunday, 8/30 with Barbara Jean at the Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater - 2:30
Friday, 9/4 with Barbara Jean at Warren Park, PA - 7:00
Thursday, 9/17 with The Buffalo Brass at the Iris - 8:00
Friday, 9/25 with Dave Scott at Wegman’s Losson Rd - 6:00
Saturday, 12/5 with The Buffalo Brass at the Iris - 8:00

The difference between hearing and listening…
Mindfulness really means paying attention on purpose.
 - Jeffrey Santee


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Daniel Hull Newsletter: Musically This Week October 8, 2014

Hello friends.  Full circle, but for one night only…

Sunday, 10/12 at Milkie’s Elmwood 6:00 - 9:00
Patty Flaherty, vocals

Patty Flaherty, vocals Craig Kastelnik, Hammond B-3 Chuck Buffamonte, guitar      yours truly, drum set
It is said that you can’t go home again.  But you do if you have a chance to accompany Patty Flaherty, Craig Kastelnik, & Chuck Buffamonte.  So Milkie’s it is, but for only this one special night.  Were you at the Art Gallery this summer for Patty & Craig?  Smokin’!  Craig is incredible - the equal of any B3 player breathing in and breathing out.  His command of both the instrument and everything musical is an artistic thing of beauty.  Any tune, any key, any tempo - comping harmony and kicking bass - groove, taste, chops - simply a world class musician and a world class person.  Patty?  Easily among the most gifted and soulful vocalists you will hear, and a musical product of our own Niagara Falls…  And my college buddy Chuck - ask him about his solo classical guitar performance at our student recital - one of my favored memories of those formative days.  Chuck plays like he was born with a guitar in his hands - feel, sound, facility, and innate musicality.  This is going to be a blast.  Celebrate a Bills home victory, share in a reunion of music and friends, and for many, sleep in on Monday morning!  Maybe we can go home again…

Saturday, 10/18 at Beechwood Continuing Care     6:00 - 9:00
Ron Corsaro, Piano

Ron Corsaro, piano     Wayne Moose, bass     your correspondent, drum set
This gig is really more about an amazing auction to benefit Beechwood Continuing Care than it is a performance, but Ronnie’s trio is among the features.  The food is a gastric delight, the bar well stocked, and the auction offerings may get you that vacation or coveted power tool.  More information at 810-7370

Thursday, 10/9 Carol McLaughlin’s Big Band at the Colored Musician’s Club 8:30 - 10:30
Monday, 10/27 WNY Jazz Orchestra open rehearsal at the Iris 7:45 - 9:30
Friday, 11/7 with Ron Corsaro at Christ United Methodist 7:00 - 9:00
Saturday, 11/29 with Wendell Rivera at Club 31    10:00 - 1:00
Friday, 12/5 with Dave Scott at Wegman's Dick Road 6:00 - 8:00
Friday, 12/12 with Dave Scott at Wegman's Transit - William near Losson 6:00 - 8:00

Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going.  Don’t freeze up.
 - Thomas Wolfe from You Can’t Go Home Again

Thanks for reading.  Hope to see you...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Danny Hull: Musically This Week January, 2014

Hello friends.  Mixed feelings...

I've been looking forward to sending you this invitation since getting the call a few weeks ago.  But my humble news pales significantly with what I learned only this past Friday.  Humanity has lost a unique and special soul...

If there was ever a living example of grace and strength in the face of the most formidable challenges, it was Diana Pittman.  Relentlessly cheerful, Diana was the singular generous spirit among her many friends and musical equals.  I was simply in awe of her.  To know what she went through since her diagnosis, now twenty years ago, and to be greeted with smiling eyes and a lilt in her voice?  How did she do that?  A lesser person would simply submit.  But not Diana.  She played and sang to the end, her last couple of gigs with an oxygen tank at her side!  My deepest condolences to her husband of 47 years, Frank Pittman - a living example of strength and humanity in his own right, to her lovely, spirited, and talented daughter Zoe, and to her son Bob.  The Buffalo music community has lost a quiet leader.  The planet has lost one of its better people.  Rest in Peace, Diana.  You are irreplaceable.

Thus the mixed feelings.  It seems a bit untoward to at first honor Diana's memory, and then invite you to co-celebrate this life.  But cliche or not, Diana would expect no less...

Wednesday, 1/22/2014 at Dick & Jenny's Bake & Brew     6:30 - 9:30
Joe Rozler, piano and vocals. 

Joe Rozler, piano & vocals     Buddy Fadale, bass     your host, drum set
The good news is that I've found a new home.  The bad news is that the proprietors don't know it yet.  And that, friends, is where you come in.  Basically, I spoke for you when I pitched this gig.  Long story short, Jenny mentioned to her manager that she'd like to book a band for a single Wednesday in January.  Opportunity seized, her manager said, "Get Dan Hull.  He's got a following".  True story.  Now I need that following - on what is forecast to be an eight degree winter day.  But here's more of the truth: I'm a big fan of Dick & Jenny's.  I'm there a lot.  The food is incredible, the ambiance unique and comfortable, the service friendly and welcoming, the prices reasonable, and the beers & spirits well beyond your standard fare.  If I can nail down this gig, I would finally have a full partner.  For the 15 years that I hosted the guest artist series, it was all on the musicians to generate an audience.  Nobody ever went to any of our former venues for a good meal and a choice glass of wine.  But at Dick & Jenny's, it's all under one roof.  I have no promises beyond this Wednesday, but Dick & Jenny's could be the answer to renewing the guest artist series.  The challenge is getting an audience to come out on a frigid weeknight.  If you're inclined to renew your formerTuesday night acquaintances, can you call for reservations?  Ask if I'm going to be there, and book a table for dinner?  You know Joe Rozler.  You know how entertaining he is.  After all these years I don't really have to sell you on the music.  That's why you're on this mailing list.  But the scene has suffered locally, and we need this music and each other.  The guest artist series was never about me.  It was always about the unique and sundry talent that we have at our disposal, whether it be a world-class musician who lives within driving distance, or a Buffalo expatriate home for a visit.  We've lost that since I left Milkie's last August.  Here's another chance, and if we want it, we need to support it.  Thanks for reading.  Hope to see you...

Sunday, 1/26/2014 at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery     3:00
Tim Berne & Snakeoil
Tim Berne, saxophone     Oscar Noriega, clarinet     Matt Mitchell, piano     Ches Smith, drum set & percussion
Tim Berne - Snakeoil

With an intrepid three-decade career that has firmly established him as one of the Top 10 Essential New York Jazz Icons (TimeOut New York), alto saxophonist and composer (and Syracuse, New York native) Tim Berne is “one of the most cogent, clear-eyed figures to come out of the American jazz vanguard” (The Buffalo News).  Berne has recently garnered universal acclaim with his new ensemble Snakeoil. Their eponymous first album for ECM Records, produced by the legendary Manfred Eicher, made numerous critics’ lists for the top 10 best releases of 2012. This fascinating contemporary chamber-like group highlights Berne’s highly original composing style to stunning effect—Snakeoil creates essential twenty-first century jazz that is “rich, absorbing, multi-hued, and continually surprising” (London Jazz News).  With more than four years together, Berne and his band of New York standouts upped the ante with their recent 2013 ECM release Shadow Man, a recording that “in trying to capture Snakeoil’s live performance in detail and dynamic, is not only successful, it reveals this band at a peak of instinctive, intuitive creativity and imagination” (Thom Jurek, All About Jazz). 

Now in its fifteenth season as the most successful music series of its kind in Western New York history, Art of Jazz has established the Albright-Knox Auditorium as one of the premier venues for live jazz in North America.  The 2013–2014 series will continue with Ambrose Akinmusire (March 23, 2014, 3 pm), and C├ęcile McLorin Salvant (April 26, 2014, 8 pm).

Individual concert tickets are $25 for Members and $29 for non-members. Season tickets, for all four concerts, are available at a discounted rate of $90 for Members. Tickets can be purchased at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Admissions Desk or online at www.albrightknox.org/artofjazz.

The Hunt Real Estate Art of Jazz Series is supported, in part, by a generous grant from Hunt Real Estate. It is produced by Bruce Eaton and organized by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. The Tim Berne/Snakeoil concert has been made possible, in part, through the generous support of Christi and Bruce Reinoso.

Saturday, 2/1 with the Buffalo Brass at the Iris Restaurant Noon - 1:00
Saturday, 2/15 with Wendell Rivera at the Water Street Landing 7:30 - 11:00
Friday, 3/7  with Dave Scott at Wegman's Amherst Street 6:00 - 8:00
Thursday, 3/13     Grease at The Park School     5:30
Friday, 3/14     Grease at The Park School     7:30
Saturday, 3/15     Grease at The Park School     7:30
Sunday, 3/16     Grease at The Park School     2:30
Friday, 8/22 Dan Hull & Friends at the Lewiston Jazz Festival     8:30
Saturday, 8/23 with Barbara Jean at the Lewiston Jazz Festival     4:30
Saturday, 8/23 with Matt Richards at the Lewiston Jazz Festival     8:00


Diana Parrish Pittman  3/24/1944 - 12/16/2014
Courage is grace under pressure.
 - Ernest Hemingway

Hope to see you...


Monday, November 25, 2013

Phil Sims: Jazz Happenings - Saturday, November 30 The Katy MIner Quartet at Lebros

Hello, everyone,
Well, it's a short week, somewhat, so I thought I'd get crackin' early. Holiday time, so there is no McLaughlin Big Band this week at CMC, but we'll be back next week on 12/5. On the eve of the next CMC there is a Buffalo Brass night, as well (12/4), at Milkie's. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and are already of a mind to start thinking about your next one, you know, the one after you've recovered from trying to boil a 25 pound turkey in oil (you'll need a lot of oil and crossed fingers for that one, but you knew that), stood your big screen on end so you could watch football lying down, and took part in that impromptu pie "tasting", err, gorging contest. The Cool Whip people thank you very much, by the way. This is their weekend!!! If you've made it up off the couch by Saturday, I've got a great musical event for you, and we'd love to see you. Details in a moment.

We had a very interesting past weekend starting with what began as a bit of a scare, but turned out A-OK. Vocalist extraordinaire, Katy Miner, was scheduled to be with us at the Roycroft, Friday night, but was not feeling well at all, and could not join us. She's all good, mended now, and ready for this week's musical endeavor. We missed Katy, but in her stead, Lisa Hasselback saved the day by joining us on piano. I went up front with the t-bone, and together with Tommy K, and Zap, we swung like mad, and had a great evening. Thanks to so many folks who came out and packed the historic old hall. We really enjoyed playing for you all, and hopefully, you all had a great time! It was great to see and chat with all of you. If you were there to see Katy, we're sorry for her absence, but she's up to bat, again, this week, if you're game for another try.

Saturday night I was privileged to be asked to be the guest artist with the funk jazz group, Winelight at DBGB in Allentown. Not only was the band intense, but we had some fine surprise guests in Miles Tucker and Jim Calieri, both stupendous tenor-men. So we ended up with five horns up there and dug in to play some soulful, funky jazz, the kind of stuff where people are just groovin' in their seats. Arrangements while you wait, you know the drill. Tons of fun. JB, Wit-man, and the rhythm section were feelin' it. DBGB is a cool spot, nice food, nice atmosphere, and they really care about the music. If you haven't gotten there, keep an eye on the Saturday events with Winelight and give yourself a treat, dinner and a show. Bobby Militello will be their guest on December 28. Making my plans, now.

Here's the plan for this week...

Saturday, November 30 The Katy MIner Quartet at Lebros (Campbell and Dodge, Getzville) 8:30PM
The Katy Miner Quartet

Katy Miner, vocals, moi, trombone and piano, Jacko Kulp, bass, and Tommy Kasperek, drums
Katy is an incredibly gifted singer. Word. She can sing pretty much any style (I haven't heard her yodel yet, though), and she sounds smooth as silk. A voice you don't want to miss. Award winning bassist, Jack the "Kulp-rit" plays more bass than you can imagine (Han Solo: "I don't know, I can imagine quite a bit"!), and Tommy K is just the swingin-est drummer, ever. Lebros has great food and beverages, awesome service, and Jack behind the bar will pour nicely for you with a smile.

Well, that's it! One shot this week. But it's all good, it's all good. We're doing our first Thanksgiving in the new house, taking a conservative "oven approach" to the big bird, and looking forward to a nice weekend. Still making plans. Cindy did get out of Wegman's alive yesterday, so what more could we ask for? Well, we'd love to see you, soon, that's what we ask for, in addition to wishing you a great Thanksgiving. C'mon, let's get these holidays rolling!

But wait, there's more:

12/4 Buffalo Brass at Milkie's
12/8 The Quartet with Carol McLaughlin and guest pianist, Lisa Hasselback (she's ba-aack!)
12/20 Michael McNeill Octet at Pausa
12/21 Quartet Christmas gig at Lebros
1/3 Heather Holden Quartet at Bacchus
1/4 Joanna Batt Quartet at Ramada Inn

And even more to come. See you soon.

THE BUFFALO NEWS music video. "It's the Most Buffalo Week of the Year"

Howard Goldman and Guy Boleri perform a familiar Christmas tune with new lyrics by Mary Kunz Goldman. Filmed at TheOldHouseDowntown.



It’s the most Buffalo week of the year Tops and Wegmans are vying In hopes we’ll be buying Their turkeys and beer – It’s the most Buffalo week of the year! It’s the most Buffalo season of all. Watch the Bills beat Atlanta And go harass Santa At Boulevard Mall – It’s the most Buffalo season of all! College chums are returning The home fires are burning They’ll even admire our snow. We’ll hug and we’ll kiss ’n Then go out and listen to bands that were big long ago. It’s the most Buffalo week of the year! We’ll go off our diets Fight Black Friday riots Then sit on our rear – It’s the most Buffalo week of the year! It’s the most Buffalo season of all! From Charlie the Tuna To polar bear Luna We’re all standing tall! It’s the most Buffalo season of all! Our city is shining To expats out dining, Insisting on kummelweck rolls. Who needs Austin or Frisco With the World’s Largest Disco And Bullfeathers, Brunner’s and Cole’s? It’s the most Buffalo week of the year! From the bars along Chip Up will go a big “Hip – Hip Hooray” – (it’s a cheer) For the most Buffalo week of the year!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Phil Sims: Jazz Happenings

Hello, everyone,
I hope everyone is well, and given that it's time to shop for turkeys, presents, and trimmings...


...yes, we now own one (Pier One, if you need it), and yes, we do spend our money wisely, and, clearly, any way we see fit...

here's hoping there is time remaining to allow yourself be entertained, either by this missive from afar, or in person, here in town. On the home front, "All-them-leaves" are finally corralled, Home depot has been absolutely ransacked as we spruce up the new place, and my good friend, Pat Georger, from Hamburg Music, did an awesome job tuning our "new" piano that sounded like a hundred honky-tonks and a bevy of banjos duking it out before he made the scene. Dave Sypos (our expert Allentown piano tuner), we miss you (and all of our A-town friends), we hope you are well, and we hope to see you soon. Things appear to be coming together out here in West Seneca (which we are loving, by the way).

Before getting into the music, I'd like to send out a hello and heart-felt thanks to all the folks at KSLN. Last week, Cindy moved on from her associate post at the sizable downtown law firm that inhabits the refurbished Calumet Building, and after our wonderful five days off together, she has taken up her new post in the banking and investing sector (yesterday was her first day). While we're both excited for this great new opportunity, for me it will be weird not stopping down to Chip/Frank for "coffee Mondays" (which really could be any day) and seeing so many familiar, smiling faces, while always being greeted so warmly by good friends. Thanks to Pat K, Judy, Tim, all the equities and partners, associates, and of course, the entire staff for everything you have done for us. I hesitate to name too many names because this email will go on and on (big firm), or I'll miss someone. So, from the "coolest person ever" to the "chocolate bar gal", to the "the cookie lady" (food not required to be considered a good friend!), and everyone else, we will miss you, but we hope to see you very soon.

On to the weekly entertainment, now.

Tuesday, November 19th Cindy Sims and the Buffalo State Philharmonia Community Orchestra in concert at Rockwell Hall. 7:30PM

OK, she's not exactly the guest soloist (yet!)... (and the dogs are not yet orchestra-trained), but she's in the French horn section! 
Handel's Water Music Suite, Saint-Saens' Suite Algerienne, Godard Suite for Flute and Orchestra, Bizet's Carmen Suite No. 1, and Grieg's Sigurd Jorsalfar make for quite a heady program of totally-not-jazz music! Consider it an extreme palette cleanser for the jazz courses to come. Expertly and enthusiastically conducted by our dear friend, Paul Ferington.

Thursday, November 21st The Carol McLaughlin Big Band rehearses at the Historic Colored Musicians Club (Broadway and Michigan) 8:30PM
Historic Colored Musicians Club

Although it appears we are rehearsing in a small anti-room, and sax-man Jim Riggi looks like he's wearing a fur-lined flak jacket, I assure you there is ample room for guests, and the heat is definitely paid for, and on. Carol looks to turn up the heat on all of us with his oft-brisk tempi. Hence, I cannot guarantee there will be no flak! Ring the buzzer, climb the stairs, and blend in to a significant part of Buffalo jazz history.

Friday, November 22nd The Katy Miner Quartet at the Historic Roycroft Inn (S. Grove St., East Aurora) 7:30PM
The Katy Miner Quartet

Katy Miner, vocals, myself, piano and trombone, Paul Zapalowski, bass, Tom Kasperek, drums
Katy is an incredible singer, smoothly presenting a wide range of styles and sounds, from Blossom Dearie, to the Beatles, to Ella, to Burt Bacharach to the Police, and beyond. Paul and TK are two of the best, period. The Roycroft is a beautiful setting, with fine food and beverages and friendly service.

Saturday, November 23rd, Myself as guest artist with Winelight at Duke's Bohemian Bar and Grill (DBGB), (Allen and Wadsworth) 6:00PM
Phil Sims

I don't have a Winelight pic, so you're stuck with me! This is a new one for me (gig, not the picture), and I'm thrilled and honored to be asked to be the guest soloist! The band kicks off around 6 or 6:30, but then I get to join them at 8PM. DBGB has a great stage, ample seating for dinner, and a nice bar in the back.

11/30 Katy Miner Quartet at Lebros
12/4 Buffalo Brass rehearses at Milkie's
12/8 Phil Sims Quartet with Carol McLaughlin at Milkie's
12/20 Michael McNeill Octet at Pausa Art House
1/3 Heather Holden Quartet at Bacchus
much more to come!

Wishing you all a great start to the holiday season. And if you're around, or coming home to visit, Cindy and I (and the bands) hope to see you very soon.