Sunday, June 9, 2013

Danny Hull: Musically This Week Vol XV, No 38

Hello friends.  This week...

Tuesday, 6/11 at Milkie's Elmwood     7:00 - 10:00
Barbara Jean, vocals

Barbara Jean, vocals     Michael T. Jones, piano     Cameron Kayne, bass     your host, drum set
Small world...  Just last night I played an alumni gathering at SUNY Fredonia, and got talking to a 1963 music department graduate.  Ms. Harp (who plays trumpet - insert your own word-play joke here.) is from Jamestown, and she seemed to know every musician from her home town.  Knowing none of whom she mentioned, I asked "Do you know Barbara Jean?"  And Ms. Harp's eyes lit up.  "I love Barbara Jean!  She writes her own tunes you know.  Her husband Steve is a keyboard player..."  And if Ms. Harp didn't then get interrupted by another 1963 celebrant, I might still be hearing the praise and history of this week's featured guest.  The truth is, we love her too.  She's a sweet, genuine fellow musician with a cherry-eyed view of the world.  Her singing style is direct and unaffected, which is pretty much another way of describing Barbara Jean herself.  No bravado, no affectation, no insecure attempt to divert your attention from the song to her...  She's simply a treasure and a joy to know.  And yes - she writes her own material.  Clever lyrics, singable melodies (obviously), and a harmonic concept out the Great American Songbook.  If you've heard her at our venue, or at the Art Gallery, or at the Lewiston Jazz Festival, then you know what I mean.  If this will be your first time, you'll love her too.  Fellow musicians, bring your horn.  Milkie's on Elmwood is at the intersection of West Utica & Elmwood Avenue.  882-5881

Wednesday, 6/12 at Milkie's Elmwood     7:15 - 9:15
Buffalo Brass Open Rehearsal
I think it's the location and the intimacy.  We're starting to get the open rehearsal audience that we didn't get at the Iris.  And when you put "intimacy", "big band", and "rehearsal" in the same sentence, it makes for an interesting experience for the listener.  If you get there early enough, you can secure a bar stool a mere two feet from the rhythm section.  Powerful.

next Tuesday, 6/18 at Milkie's Elmwood     7:00 - 10:00
The Western New York Jazz Orchestra

Upcoming at Milkie's Elmwood
Tuesday, 6/25 Russ Carere, Sr
Tuesday, 7/2 Vince Ercolomento
Tuesday, 7/9 The Upstate Express
Tuesday, 7/16 trioPAYAZZO Ainse que Deux
Tuesday, 7/23 Doug Stone
Tuesday, 7/30 Mike Costley
Tuesday, 8/13 Kenny Kuriscak & Tim Clarke
Tuesday, 10/15 Patty Flaherty & Craig Kastelnik


Cheery-eyed optimism...
Today is the best day of the week.
 - Barbara Jean


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