Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Phil Sims: Jazz Happenings

Hello, everyone,
I hope everyone is well, and given that it's time to shop for turkeys, presents, and trimmings...


...yes, we now own one (Pier One, if you need it), and yes, we do spend our money wisely, and, clearly, any way we see fit...

here's hoping there is time remaining to allow yourself be entertained, either by this missive from afar, or in person, here in town. On the home front, "All-them-leaves" are finally corralled, Home depot has been absolutely ransacked as we spruce up the new place, and my good friend, Pat Georger, from Hamburg Music, did an awesome job tuning our "new" piano that sounded like a hundred honky-tonks and a bevy of banjos duking it out before he made the scene. Dave Sypos (our expert Allentown piano tuner), we miss you (and all of our A-town friends), we hope you are well, and we hope to see you soon. Things appear to be coming together out here in West Seneca (which we are loving, by the way).

Before getting into the music, I'd like to send out a hello and heart-felt thanks to all the folks at KSLN. Last week, Cindy moved on from her associate post at the sizable downtown law firm that inhabits the refurbished Calumet Building, and after our wonderful five days off together, she has taken up her new post in the banking and investing sector (yesterday was her first day). While we're both excited for this great new opportunity, for me it will be weird not stopping down to Chip/Frank for "coffee Mondays" (which really could be any day) and seeing so many familiar, smiling faces, while always being greeted so warmly by good friends. Thanks to Pat K, Judy, Tim, all the equities and partners, associates, and of course, the entire staff for everything you have done for us. I hesitate to name too many names because this email will go on and on (big firm), or I'll miss someone. So, from the "coolest person ever" to the "chocolate bar gal", to the "the cookie lady" (food not required to be considered a good friend!), and everyone else, we will miss you, but we hope to see you very soon.

On to the weekly entertainment, now.

Tuesday, November 19th Cindy Sims and the Buffalo State Philharmonia Community Orchestra in concert at Rockwell Hall. 7:30PM

OK, she's not exactly the guest soloist (yet!)... (and the dogs are not yet orchestra-trained), but she's in the French horn section! 
Handel's Water Music Suite, Saint-Saens' Suite Algerienne, Godard Suite for Flute and Orchestra, Bizet's Carmen Suite No. 1, and Grieg's Sigurd Jorsalfar make for quite a heady program of totally-not-jazz music! Consider it an extreme palette cleanser for the jazz courses to come. Expertly and enthusiastically conducted by our dear friend, Paul Ferington.

Thursday, November 21st The Carol McLaughlin Big Band rehearses at the Historic Colored Musicians Club (Broadway and Michigan) 8:30PM
Historic Colored Musicians Club

Although it appears we are rehearsing in a small anti-room, and sax-man Jim Riggi looks like he's wearing a fur-lined flak jacket, I assure you there is ample room for guests, and the heat is definitely paid for, and on. Carol looks to turn up the heat on all of us with his oft-brisk tempi. Hence, I cannot guarantee there will be no flak! Ring the buzzer, climb the stairs, and blend in to a significant part of Buffalo jazz history.

Friday, November 22nd The Katy Miner Quartet at the Historic Roycroft Inn (S. Grove St., East Aurora) 7:30PM
The Katy Miner Quartet

Katy Miner, vocals, myself, piano and trombone, Paul Zapalowski, bass, Tom Kasperek, drums
Katy is an incredible singer, smoothly presenting a wide range of styles and sounds, from Blossom Dearie, to the Beatles, to Ella, to Burt Bacharach to the Police, and beyond. Paul and TK are two of the best, period. The Roycroft is a beautiful setting, with fine food and beverages and friendly service.

Saturday, November 23rd, Myself as guest artist with Winelight at Duke's Bohemian Bar and Grill (DBGB), (Allen and Wadsworth) 6:00PM
Phil Sims

I don't have a Winelight pic, so you're stuck with me! This is a new one for me (gig, not the picture), and I'm thrilled and honored to be asked to be the guest soloist! The band kicks off around 6 or 6:30, but then I get to join them at 8PM. DBGB has a great stage, ample seating for dinner, and a nice bar in the back.

11/30 Katy Miner Quartet at Lebros
12/4 Buffalo Brass rehearses at Milkie's
12/8 Phil Sims Quartet with Carol McLaughlin at Milkie's
12/20 Michael McNeill Octet at Pausa Art House
1/3 Heather Holden Quartet at Bacchus
much more to come!

Wishing you all a great start to the holiday season. And if you're around, or coming home to visit, Cindy and I (and the bands) hope to see you very soon.

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