Sunday, July 7, 2013

Danny Hull: Musically This Week Vol XV, No 42

Hello friends.  This week and next...

Today, 7/7 at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery     2:00 - 4:30
Cindy Miller, vocals     Lisa Hasselback, piano     Wayne Moose, bass     your correspondent, drum set
As of 11:45 this morning, we're still on.  Skies will be overcast, but rain has been removed from the forecast until later tonight.  You've heard Cindy at all three of our Tuesday venues, but the larger Art Gallery audience will now hear just how extraordinary she is.  Thanks to the generosity of Stan Lipsey and the efforts of contractor Don Metz, we likely hold claim to the longest running free jazz series in the country, if not the world over.  I have a tiny bit of inside information that I'll risk sharing, at the expense of publicizing a confidence: The Buffalo News has not been the sole sponsor of this long-running, free concert series.  Stan Lipsey himself has contributed a significant amount of his own money over these last thirty-plus years in order to offer this outstanding cultural event to his community.  And as to his contribution, the jazz series is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  His leadership and generosity were essential to the restoration of the Frank Lloyd Martin House restoration.  Thank you Stan, for your vision, your leadership, and your philanthropy.  Enjoy your well-earned retirement, and know that your community is indebted to you for your benefaction and your tireless energy.

Tuesday, 7/9 at Milkie's Elmwood     7:00 - 10:00
Wednesday, 7/10 at Hennepin Gazebo, Lewiston     7:00 - 9:00
The Upstate Express
Ronnie Corsaro - piano & arrangements     Tim Clarke - trumpet     John Hasselback, Jr - trombone     Russ D'Alba & Kenny Kuriscak - saxophones     Wayne Moose - bass     your host - drum set
Ronnie's summer concert series begins at Milkie's this week and then goes for six consecutive Wednesdays at the gazebo in Lewiston.  If you're not inclined to transit the Grand Island bridges, then a visit to Milkie's Elmwood this Tuesday is your only recourse.  And really, with few exceptions, where can you hear a septet such as this one?  Skillfully orchestrated arrangements, inventive soloists, and music you can tap a toe to: The Upstate Express...  Milkie's on Elmwood is at the intersection of West Utica & Elmwood Avenue.  882-5881

next Sunday, 7/14 at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery     2:00 - 4:30
Mike Costley, vocals     Bobby Militello, saxophone & flute     Bobby Jones, piano     Chuck Buffamonte, guitar     Bill Staebell, bass     dh, drum set
A Buffalo success story comes home.  Now an established artist in LA and Palm Springs, Mike's formative years took place on the varied and sundry stages of our Niagara Frontier.  There was a time when musicians and singers could make a living in Buffalo.  Mike Costley, Anne Fadale, Dick Fadale, Bobby Jones, Bobby Militello, Patty Flaherty, and a host of others owned this town in the 70's.  But since finding opportunity and a wider audience in Los Angeles, Mike has gone on to appear with the likes of Tony Bennett, Keely Smith, Jerry Vale, Glen Campbell, Vic Damone, and Jack Jones.  The feelings will most certainly run deep next Sunday when Mike reconvenes with long-time friends Militello and Jones, and performs again for his original home town audience.

next Tuesday, 7/16 at Milkie's Elmwood     7:00 - 10:00
Larry Covelli, tenor saxophone     Patty Flaherty, vocals     Craig Kastelnik, Hammond B-3     Chuck Buffamonte, guitar     your host, drum set

Upcoming at Milkie's Elmwood
Tuesday, 7/23 Jay Bianchi & Gary Keller
Tuesday, 7/30 Mike Costley
Tuesday, 8/6 Mike Kaupa
Tuesday, 8/13 Kenny Kuriscak & Tim Clarke
Tuesday, 8/27 trioPAYAZZO plus 2
Tuesday, 10/15 Patty Flaherty & Craig Kastelnik


Do you think they're cutting the Instrumental Music programs in Holland?

To persevere...
I think I just put one foot in front of the other and wasn't discouraged by setbacks.  There are an awful lot of great musicians out there.  It's about hanging in there, working hard, and being ready for a break when and if it occurs.  That's really all you can do.  Work hard and hope you get lucky.
 - saxophonist David Sanborn

Respect for life,

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