Monday, September 17, 2012

Danny Hull: Musically This Week Vol XV, No 2

Hello friends.  This week...

Tuesday, 9/18 at the Iris Restaurant     7:30 - 10:30
Colin Gordon, alto saxophone     Matt Michaud, guitar     Emiliano Lasansky, bass     your host, drum set
What do you say about a musician you hardly know?  One whom you've met only once, on the bandstand back in January, and not since?  Your recollections maybe?  A moment I distinctly recall is this: in some brief remarks to the audience at the close of that January fist set, when re-introducing Colin, I said "Ladies & Gentlemen, Lee Konitz."  Never before that night, and not since, did I hear the legendary Lee Konitz while playing music-in-the-moment with any saxophonist, veteran or young.  Colin is a student at the renown Eastman school, and this will be his sophomore appearance at our venue.  I remain grateful.  To our audience, without whom there would be no venue.  To Mike Milkie for giving this idea a chance 15 years ago.  To Vinnie Lesh at the Iris for his faith and taste.  And to the Eastman school, whose faculty & students have enriched my musical existence and the ears of our audience.  Thank you all.  Please join us.  The Iris Restaurant - in the plaza at the intersection of Maple & Sweet Home Roads in Amherst.  831-3271.  Good music, good food, good people, chilled spirits, and a great hang.

Wednesday, 9/19 at the Iris Restaurant     7:30 - 9:30
Buffalo Brass open rehearsal
Phil is rehearsing the band for a hit next month.  If you're curious as to how a seasoned leader who has written the lion's share of the charts prepares his band, come check it out.  Another vote of thanks to Vinnie Lesh and the Iris for providing us with free rehearsal space.  If you stop in and maybe have a bite, you're actually helping to defray his overhead and keep the music in the air.

Friday, 9/21 at Canvas     8:30 - 10:30
Sir Walter Jedermann - piano & vocals     John Werick - bass     your correspondent - drum set
Back to my roots on this gig...  I literally cut my small group teeth playing organ duo dates with Wally back in the 70's.  Those were some formative years, and I owe him for that.  I learned  standards I had never heard, and also how to program a set.  Straight ahead, bossa, waltz, ballad, pop tune - never two consecutive feels, keys, or tempi.  Energy, humor, and a time feel that has momentum - those are the lessons I learned from Sir Walter.  And I'm honored to do this date Friday.  Stop in if you're haunting Hertel Avenue.

next Tuesday, 9/25 at the Iris Restaurant     7:30 - 10:30
Paul Tynan, trumpet     Bobby Jones, piano     Wayne Moose, bass     your host, drum set

upcoming at the Iris Restaurant...
Tuesday, 10/2 Darcy Hepner
Tuesday, 10/9 Patty Flaherty & Craig Kastelnik
Tuesday, 10/16 Miles & Wayne Tucker
Tuesday, 10/23 Nelson M. Starr
Tuesday. 10/30 Bruce Johnstone with Sax & Violins
Tuesday, 11/6 It's Kenny's Fault
Tuesday, 11/13 Tom Bronzetti CD Release
Tuesday, 12/18 Sein Oh


Because it's simply beautiful...
Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting?
 - Vernon Duke

and Friendships.

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