Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Danny Hull: Musically This Week Vol XIV, No 47

Hello friends.  The art form lives...

Tuesday, 7/31 at the Iris Restaurant     7:30 - 10:30
Bill Todd, alto saxophone     Michael T. Jones, piano     Greg Piontek, bass     your host, drum set
I can't say with certainty, but when this guest artist series began (way back at our curiously lit location), Bill Todd was maybe 10 years old.  Fourteen years later, he has earned his undergraduate degree (in jazz performance?), took a couple of cruise ship gigs, and played the Reed 1 book on a Young Frankenstein tour.  This week, he shares his growth with our Iris audience for his second featured performance.  That growth, incidentally, has been significant.  As he matured through his college years, Bill would politely lobby for his own Tuesday feature.  If you know Bill, you know he's one of the most likable people you'll ever meet.  Curiously, that genuine, endearing persona of his actually made it easier for me to be truthful with him.  "Bill, you're welcome to sit-in whenever you're home.  When you're ready, I'll hear it."  Needless to say, I'm hearing it now.  Can we invite you to hear it as well?  With Mike Jones & Greg Piontek on the band, he'll get some hard swinging encouragement.  And when you do join us, you help that next generation of jazz musician to keep the music in the air.  The Iris Restaurant is in the plaza at the intersection of Maple & Sweet Home Roads in Amherst.  831-3271  Good music, good food, good people, chilled spirits, and a great hang.
Sunday, 8/5 at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery 2:00 - 4:30
Cindy Miller, vocals     Lisa Hasselback, piano     Wayne Moose, bass     yours truly, drum set
What better way to close out the Summer Sunday Series at the Art Gallery than to fill the air with the original instrument of music?  And when it comes to Cindy Miller, said instrument is a voice to behold indeed.  I sometimes wonder if there is no upper limit to her range.  If you've heard Cindy at Bobby McGee's or at the Iris, both as a featured guest and co-featured with guitarist Gene Bertoncini, you need no update.  But next Sunday, accompanied by Lisa Hasselback & Wayne Moose, all of Buffalo will hear the swing and the improvisational invention that Cindy shares at each and every performance.  Thanks to Stan Lipsey of the Buffalo News for his generosity and his commitment to the longest running free concert series in the country.  Thanks to Don Metz for his organizational prowess, his easy manner, and his honest nature.  And thanks to the Albright-Knox for so beautiful a venue.
next Tuesday, 8/7 at the Iris Restaurant     7:30 - 10:30
Larry Covelli, tenor saxophone     Michael T. Jones, piano     Danny Ziemann, bass     your host, drum set
upcoming at the Iris Restaurant...
Tuesday, 8/14 Don Menza
Tuesday, 8/21 Kenny Kuriscak & Tim Clarke
Tuesday, 8/28 Chris Ziemba & John Sandfort
Tuesday, 9/18 Colin Gordon
Tuesday, 9/25 Paul Tynan
Tuesday, 10/2 Darcy Hepner
Tuesday, 10/9 Patty Flaherty & Craig Kastelnik
Tuesday, 10/16 Miles & Wayne Tucker
Tuesday, 10/23 Nelson M. Starr
Tuesday. 10/30 Bruce Johnstone with Sax & Violins
Tuesday, 11/6 It's Kenny's Fault
Tuesday, 12/18 Sein Oh

upcoming at Milkie's on Elmwood...
Friday, 9/7 Nelson M Starr
Friday, 9/14 Chuck Buffamonte & Gerry Youngman
Friday, 9/21 Bobby Jones
Take that first step...
The start is what stops most people.
 – Don Shula

and Friendships.

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