Sunday, November 21, 2010

Musically This Week Vol XIII, No 11

Hullo friends.  We're still there, till year's end so far as I know, or at least until our savior/investor/restaurateur emerges.  Mike Milkie tells me that there has been some renewed interest in buying the business, but as of this writing there is still no deal.  So we persevere, and continue to present the jazz artistry that you have come to expect after these twelve good years...

Tuesday, 11/23 
at Bobby McGee's     7:00 - 10:00
Vince Ercolomento, tenor saxophone     Chris Ziemba, piano     Ben Thomas, bass     your host, drum set
...and Vince is a perfect example.  Unless you've driven to Rochester or caught him at the Lewiston Jazz festival, you've only heard Vince Ercolomento at Bobby McGee's.  To put it simply, Vince breathes fire.  His playing bespeaks his age and his influences.  A National Endowment of the Arts recipient and a student of the renown George Coleman, Vince is a fearless take-no-prisoners tenor player whose style and muse are straight out of the classic Blue Note catalogue.  So to save you the drive, we've asked Rochester to come to us.  We present Vince in the company of some highly regarded Eastman pedigree in Chris Ziemba and Ben Thomas.  Why not come and join us while the weather is easy and the venue is still ours to share?  
Bobby McGee's, 
n the Maple Ridge Plaza, Sweet Home & Maple Roads.  Jyl, Jessica, steady Billy & quiet Mike - good music, good food, good people, chilled spirits, and a great hang.

next Tuesday, 11/30 
at Bobby McGee's     7:00 - 10:00
Chuck Buffamonte, guitar     Gerry Youngman, organ     your host, drum set

Tuesdays at Bobby McGee's
12/7 Wendell Rivera
12/28 Jay Bianchi & Mike Kaupa

Saturdays at Bobby McGee's     8:00 p.m.
Mary Stahl
Mary Stahl
Mary Stahl
Mary Stahl


Happy Thanksgiving...
We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
Thornton Wilder

and Peace.

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